General information

General information

Our pharmaceutical container division provides service with manufacturing facilities completely specialized and equipped for the compliance with the required industry specifications, meeting the highest standards. Our bottles guarantee maximum stability and integrity for medications, thus increasing the shelf life without altering the composition. We manufacture amber bottles and crystalline type III meeting national and international standards. Vitro offers a wide portfolio of product designs to provide service to the specific needs of the pharmaceutical area. This includes syrups, suspensions, antibiotics, fluids, tablets, and droppers, as well as jars multipurpose jars and bottles developed for different capacities, shapes, and crowns.

The bottles are manufactured and packed with the highest quality standards in each of the productive processes, this way we guarantee de correct function.

We manufacture high performance products governed by national and international standards. This includes GPI, ISO, DIN, and the Official Mexican standard.

Our experts execute the best manufacturing practices with the highest hygiene standards providing maximum trust to the final consumer.